• Management Team

Yang Pang, CEO

Dr. Yang Pang manages business development and oversees all business units of Shanghai Alliance Financial Services Co., Ltd (“SAFS”) which specializes in global asset management, securitization, financial derivatives and hedge funds. At SAFS, Dr. Pang initiated the renewable energy development and investment business, and established a hedge fund management platform. Dr. Pang is closely involved in the development of securitization market in China. In addition to his responsibilities with SAFS, Dr. Pang also serves as Chairman of Influx Asset Management, a Chinese PE investment management company, and Vice Chairman of the Chinese Association for Science and Business, a nonprofit organization for promoting scientific and culture exchanges with China. Prior to becoming CEO of SAFS, Dr. Pang was a partner and management committee member of ZAIS Group, where he oversaw the firm’s proprietary analytics and trading platforms. Dr. Pang graduated from Fudan University in 1982, and received Ph.D. in physics from Columbia University.